To those of you who had hoped to steal more of my POI countdown pics, I am sorry to disappoint you. The best ones are, sorry, would be to come. I’m going to keep them in my drafts where they are safe from thieves.
I will have an announcement later this week. Right now I’m on holidays and I intend to enjoy the rest of it.

So I’m on holidays with my mother and we were looking for a movie to watch tonight. She was switching the channels looking for something good when I saw a preview for Person of Interest. I had my mouth full of food and I made the weirdest “MHMMMMHM!!” sound to make her stop changing the channels :D sadly it was in German and not on right now so I had to give in. Still, I reacted with a speed of light :D


3.19 Most Likely to…


"Person of Interest" - Rewatch S02E21 “Zero Day”

"You put a bug on your friend?"
"Just on his glasses. I’ve lost people before, so when I care about someone, I plant a tracking device on them."
"I can understand why you and Harold get along."